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Who We Are

Peter Lasher & Kelley Matthews

We are a husband and wife team who have lived on Tucson’s far East side for over thirty years, always within one or two miles of Saguaro Park East, our favorite place for biking and hiking. We share a love of the outdoors and the nature, and the wildlife that makes living in Tucson miraculous every day. We are dedicated environmentalists and feel strongly that the Bike Ranch can be a catalyst for progressive change.

Richard Altuna, Designer

A graduate of the UA School of Architecture, Richard Altuna grew up in Tucson and has a deep love of the local desert and the city’s architectural history. Based out of Los Angeles, he is an internationally sought designer whose word-of-mouth client base includes the leading names in retail, food and entertainment including Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, the Nature Company, American Eagle, Ralph Lauren, Imaginarium, Patagonia, Starbuck’s, Microsoft, Universal Studios, the Disney Company, Coppola Niebaum Winery, and Chez Panisse to name but a few.

John Riggs, AIA

A fourth generation Arizonan, John Riggs grew up in Cochise County on one of the largest deeded ranches in the state settled by his great grandparents in 1879.  He was a founding partner of Architecture One, which completed over 2500 projects in Arizona, California, Nevada and Colorado between 1970 and 1996, and received dozens of design awards. He is currently working with the Arizona Land & Water Trust to preserve large areas of his family ranch as dedicated open space, as well as on the development of a small, sustainable community integrated with agribusiness.

Dr. Robert C. Johnson, PhD

Although he has lived in California since 1989, Bob Johnson has close ties to Tucson. He received both his Master of Science and PhD from the UA School of Renewable Natural Resources, and was the Director of Pima County Planning and Development Services from 1985-1989. Under his leadership, the most important environmental protective planning codes in Pima County were created including: the Buffer Overlay Ordinance, the Hillside Development Zone Ordinance, the Critical and Sensitive Habitat Protection Plan, the County Xeriscape Ordinance, as well as the down-zoning of Rural Lands. He also coordinated development of the County Environmental Site Analysis Process and led a taskforce to establish guidelines for development adjacent to San Xavier del Bac. Since leaving Tucson in 1989, he has been the Director of Community Development for Irvine, CA, the Managing Director for the CA Energy Coalition, the Planning Director for Riverside County, and the Assistant City Manager/City Manager for Temecula where he successfully coordinated a multi-year campaign to defeat Granite Construction’s proposed 5 million ton per year open aggregate pit mine adjacent to the city.

Dr. William Shaw, PhD, Biological Consultant. 

William Shaw is Professor of Wildlife Conservation Sciences in the University of Arizona’s School of Natural Resources and the Environment.  Since joining the University of Arizona in 1974, he has been actively involved in wildlife conservation in the Tucson region including directing studies of wildlife in Saguaro Park, serving on advisory teams for expansion of Saguaro National Park, and serving as Chair of the Science and Technical Advisory Team for Pima County’s Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan.  He has been Chairman of the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum’s Board of Trustees, the Santa Lucia Conservancy which protects 18,000 acres of natural lands within the exclusive Preserve development in Carmel, CA, and COBI, a Mexican conservation organization dedicated to promoting sustainable fisheries.  He also currently serves on the Boards of the Arizona Land and Water Trust and the Western National Parks Association.



How You Can Help 

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