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What It’s Like to Stay at the Bike Ranch

Maybe you’re the private type who wants to have your own casita with all the cushy amenities that you’ve gotten used to at those fancy resorts you like to stay at—although Bike Ranch casitas are luxurious in a kind of unpretentious, Tucson sort of way. Or maybe you’re travelling with your team or club mates and want to save some big bucks by rooming together at the Bunk House. It really doesn’t matter where you’re resting your head at night, because you’ll be sleeping like a babe after biking your fanny off all day, coached by our elite level trainers who’ll put you through the paces spinning indoors at the Bike Barn, and outdoors on fully supported rides. And you’ll probably want to take advantage of all the other good things you can do for yourself like yoga, Pilates, massage and body work, and swimming in the half-Olympic sized pool.

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And when you get back from killing yourself up Mt. Lemmon, or dragging your dusty ass back from a Cat-D trail up Redington, you can have your acai berry smoothie or your cold brew at the Kickstand and do a little shoulder rubbing with the kind of riders you normally only get to see on TV riding through France in July. Breakfast and dinner at the Spoke House has delicious food made from organic ingredients, and you can hang out at the open kitchen and watch the chefs—or maybe go for a ride with them, because they love to bike too. 


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Tucson is the place for Cyclist

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How You Can Help 

Approval of the Bike Ranch is before the Board of Supervisors on November 18th. We need your letters and your voice at the Board Meeting. Click here for more information…