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Economic Impact

In January 2014, Tucson’s Mayor Rothschild sent a letter to Tucson Businesses stating that: “Cities that promote cycling are the same cities that attract an educated work force. Studies consistently rank bikeability as one of the determining factors in an individual’s decision of where to live. Supporting alternative modes of transportation is more than a nicety, it is a critical piece of our economic development picture.”

Tucson is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, but the decision to live here is often a lifestyle choice and not one based on economic opportunity. Only slightly more than one out of every three jobs lost since 2008 has been regained, and Tucson is making a newly energized effort at promoting job growth. Bike Ranch will create jobs, many of them salaried positions at nationally competitive wage levels, and support and stimulate the creation of other cycling focused local businesses. 

Most importantly though, Bike Ranch will contribute to growth in cycling and eco-tourism. The Outdoor Industry Association’s 2017 study found that nationally cyclists spend $83 billion in trip related sales and bicycling contributes to the creation of 848,000 US jobs.  

Visit Tucson, formally known as the Tucson Convention and Visitor Bureau, has made cycling and competitive training a key part of its international promotion of the city, and the ever increasing recognition of Tucson as an outdoor training destination is an important part of our economic future. Cyclists represent some of the most educated, highest income demographic of the population. With their travel based on passion rather than necessity, cyclists and triathletes are some of the wealthiest travelers with the highest discretionary spending who characteristically seek out the dining and shopping experiences that are unique to Tucson. 

For the modern professional, cycling is becoming the preferred method of networking and has been called the “New Golf” by the Economist Magazine. Cycling is growing exponentially as people seek the active health benefits of the sport. A key target market for the Bike Ranch will be trending companies and professionals.  

How You Can Help 

Sometime in the near future, approval of the Bike Ranch will come before the Pima County Board of Supervisors. We would so appreciate your letters of support and your voice at that meeting. Click here for more information…