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The Bike Ranch Vision

Inspired by Tucson’s iconic guest ranches of the 1940s, Bike Ranch is an innovative concept that combines fine lodging and amenities with a world-class training facility that appeals to enthusiasts of all levels, from leisure to pro-cyclists and triathletes.  When you talk about bicycling, Tucson is a list of superlatives: the best weather, the best year-round training, the most bike lanes of any city in the country— more than 900 miles of them.

Because of a community wide investment in infrastructure and safety training, Tucson is recognized as one of the country’s pre-eminent cycling cities and has received a coveted Gold rating by the League of American Bicyclists. The commitment to cycling is the clearest declaration of the kind of progressive community we want to be and the quality of life we want to have. Bike Ranch is a natural result of the Tucson’s transformative vision and investment in cycling.

 “Tucson is internationally recognized as a winter road-biking destination — and that’s not just in the high-praise opinion of the spandexed spinners who flock there like migratory birds in winter. National Geographic magazine two years ago named Tucson the best town for cyclists in the Rocky Mountain region, and Outside magazine recently named Tucson the best road-cycling city in the country. Forbes magazine named it among the top five. The League of American Bicyclists consistently picks Tucson as tops, and not just for the hundreds of miles of cycling routes that wind out of the city in every direction. Tucson also gets kudos for its overall embrace of the cycling culture.”  Nancy Lofholm, The Denver Post, March 25, 2011

The Perfect Location

Bike Ranch is located in the heart of some of the best biking in the world.

Located across from Saguaro National Park East, one of the great Western parks with nearly 67,000 pristine acres, Saguaro has long been a mecca for cyclists, runners and hikers. More than 25,000 of the park’s 225,000 annual visitors are cyclists that bring much needed revenue and use the park in a non-invasive, non-polluting way. The Bike Ranch has been designed to complement the park and will bring a new community of visitors to actively enjoy it.

There are few road cyclists in Tucson who don’t count the 8-mile one way Cactus Forest Loop amongst their favorite biking destinations, and Saguaro is also one of the few national parks that welcomes mountain biking on designated trails, including the beautiful Hope Camp Trail which connects to the famed 800-mile Arizona Trail that traverses the entire state. The Bike Ranch will be an excellent neighbor and supportive of the Park’s goal of increasing appreciation and awareness of the wilderness.

The Bike Ranch is also less than ten miles from the base of Mt. Lemmon, one of the best year-round training mountains in the county equivalent to a Category 1 on the scale used to gage European Stage racing. Accessed by a safe, new highway with wide bike lanes the whole way, Mt. Lemmon offers 6600 feet of elevation gain over a 28 mile climb with a grade average of 4.5%. It has been called the best year-round training mountain by many elite trainers, and attracts professional cyclists from all over the world.

For endurance training, the Bike Ranch is a great starting point for a choice of century rides to Sonoita and Patagonia, Arivaca, and the wine country of Elgin, with plenty of opportunities for overnight field trips to Bisbee, Tombstone, and beautiful Cochise. For fat tire enthusiasts, there are two dedicated trails in Saguaro Park, hundreds of trail miles at Redington Pass, and Fantasy Island offering 18 miles of one-way single track – all within a short ride of the Bike Ranch. 

The civilized pleasures of the city and all it offers are an easy, safe ride away on the 131-mile Urban Loop. Thanks to the Loop, you can stay at the Bike Ranch, tour Tucson, and never use a car during your entire visit.

How You Can Help 

Sometime in the near future, approval of the Bike Ranch will come before the Pima County Board of Supervisors. We will need your letters and your voice at the Board Meeting. Click here for more information…